Broadcast Schedule 

Below you'll find which events we will televise. For more information on where to watch a specific game/match please refer to the team's schedule found at on the week of  that event. 

NOV 6th, 2021- vs. Utah State 2pm

NOV 27th, 2021- vs. UMass 1pm

NOV 9th, 2021 -vs. UV Irvine 7pm

NOV 13th, 2021- vs. UTEP 7pm

NOV 24th, 2021- vs. NM Highlands 6pm

NOV 30th , 2021- vs. New Mexico 7pm

DEC 18th, 2021- vs. Northern NM 4pm

JAN 1st, 2022- vs. Chicago State 4pm

JAN 13th, 2022- vs. Tarleton 7pm

JAN 15th, 2022- vs. Abilene Christian 4pm

JAN 29th, 2022-vs. Grand Canyon 7pm

FEB 3rd, 2022-vs. Cali Baptist 7pm

FEB 5th, 2022- vs. Seattle 4pm

FEB 17th, 2022- vs. Dixie State 7pm

MAR 2nd, 2022- vs. Stephen F. Austin 7pm

MAR 5th, 2022- vs. Utah Valley 7pm

Women's Basketball

NOV 9th, 2021- vs. Western NM TBA

NOV 13th, 2021- vs. UIW TBA

DEC 1st, 2021- vs. UTEP 6pm

DEC 5th, 2021- vs. UNM 2pm

DEC 21st, 2021- vs. Houston Baptist 12pm

DEC 28th, 2021- vs. SAGU American Indian 2pm

DEC 30th, 2021- vs. Seattle 6pm

JAN 6th, 2022- vs. Lamar 6pm

JAN 8th, 2022- vs. UTRGV 2pm

JAN 20th, 2022- vs. Sam Houston State 6pm

JAN 22nd, 2022- vs. Stephen F. Austin 12pm

FEB 10th, 2022- vs. Dixie State 6pm

FEB 12th, 2022- vs. Utah Valley 12pm

FEB 19th, 2022- vs. Grand Canyon 2pm

FEB 26th, 2022- vs. Chicago State 2pm

Women's Volleyball


OCT 14th, 2021- vs. Grand Canyon 6pm

NOV 4th, 2021- vs. Dixie State 6pm

NOV 6th, 2021- vs. Utah Valley 1pm

NOV 10th, 2021- vs. UTEP 6pm

NOV 13th, 2021- vs. Chicago State 1pm

To be announced


To be announced